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可是你只是稍稍留意茶餐廳的套餐要茶或咖啡需加8蚊(咩叫套餐?);剛從GIVENCHY買下的一款新手袋跟門口蹲着的大嬸一樣;地鐵内有操超音頻普通話人士搶你的位置(雖然你沒有expect有位坐);OH! 8達通咁快要top-up? 英國的flea market很正,香港哪裡找;明哥、beyond當年的歌才是真音樂,還有搞music festival的西九將不復再…




你説沒有用,我説你坐喺度,更加冇X用!Shame on you.




The neon yellow see-thru lace dress $12,999 (available at I.T hysan)


這週跟同年紀的Simone Rocha見面,於I.T訪談新季設計。

這女孩口說不受其父的影響,我說她還是幸得其父名時裝設計師John Rocha之庇蔭和支持,才得以上位,尤其每年英國倫敦,甚至Central St. martin都有大量的畢業生湧入市場。


The benefit of working on interview is to learn from those successful people. This week I have interviewed the young designer at my age Simone Rocha about her SS13.

The girl were saying she has never been affected by her famous dad, who is a fashion designer, John Rocha.

But I am pretty sure the support and advice from his dad is defo there which is extremely helpful to a young designer like her. Especially there are plenty of graduates in the UK, London or even the Central St. Martins.

Despite her talent is most recognized too. Even we are very critical about her transparent design such as the PVC items are not wearable. Or the bag made of acrylic is heavyily supporting by 2 leather straps only. We do believe its visibility is impossible to be ignored. See this is how she becomes so sucessful.

Thx for reading. xx strangejoanne

The gift – acrylic die-cut lace Key-charm

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I just had an interview of a girl for the fashionista feature of my magazine. Before it issued, I would write something about her which I know I rarely do so. But this can be the very first time that I admire a Hong Kong fashionista.

Her name is Tina Leung. I have met her quite a few times on different fashion events and occasion, mostly at Lane Crawford.  I never really have get known what she does until today’s interview. She surprised me. Not about her work but her attitude.

Waiting, tired in the morning but looking forward to meet her cos she is sort of a mystery. Reading her blog and instagram, you can tell this girl has a different taste of fashion. She makes use of colour and shape very well that suit her body figure. So how will she be wearing? I know I don’t have to worry.

Turn out she arrived with plenty of sorry. She was late for an hour this noon cos of her work.She showed up and dressed nicely in the first outfit I requested. And, with killing heels, RUNNING towards me. I was worried if she would fall.

She isn’t a model, not with a doll face, not a size zero. Unexpectedly she did it so well in 5 mins shoot with gorgeous outfits.During the time, Tina gets changed. My photographer and I have been waiting for 15 mins in between each of her change. Tired, but wanting to see her look.

She is totally a sweet girl with fashion sense that I never have such compliment on a fashion girl in Hong Kong. When we have all finished, she suggested to have McDonald’s as she is starving. Tina even had bought me a coke zero.

If you don’t have a good heart, no matter how you dress is shit. So many fashion people out there gossip around, act bitchy and behave slutty. Or they are arrogant just because they thinks they are cool wearing labels. Why would they do so? They are just empty.

I admire Tina as she is a sweet, caring girl who really works hard on her jobs. I tell myself work hard, be tough and never be mean or arrogant! 

Check out her blog you can get known more about her and her fashion life. xx strangejoanne






背棄了理想 誰人都可以

所謂政治冷感的80後們,我們生活於艱難時期,沒有分享得到任何社會成果,買不到樓不在話下,還有車費不定期肆意漲價,開店的租金不斷升,物價騰貴。身邊不乏藝術、文化界的朋友,我們新聞自由被剝削,搞藝術音樂的地方被趕絕,連最基本的flea market,street art都沒有,我們怨聲載道,正是當前社會的不公平,政制的不完善、不民主而造成,你能沉默嗎?


別以爲説我們無能爲力!有些人也説,既然是香港是中國的地方,就該被河蟹,我極度不同意!難道被所謂的“爸爸“強姦,則要乖乖就範配合? 而且,政府是理應受命於民,沒有任何爸媽之説。未洗腦前的我們記得小學常識書教的”政府是市民的公僕”嗎? 請團結地盡力把現今不合理的時勢改變,香港可以有希望的。

撰文:strangejoanne 容進


Alexander wang resort13

We probably have seen how many metallic bottoms/ skirt all the way down the street, on the road. However, they might look over dressed. How to wear it in a subtle way?


Erin watsson
A little bigger as boyfrd shirt may cause a sloppy easy breezy look. It does feel grungy and pairing with boots would be very stylish as u see.


Markus lupfer resort13
For fashionista, this look is pretty cool. You are decent enough to pick a shirt with jumper on top to create layering without overdoes while u r wearing the shiny piece.


Blake lively
A fitted plain chiffon blouse with a metallic skirt gives you a stand out school girl look which is down to earth and sweet. Suitable for office lady too.


Contrasting the mirror bottom is a good idea by darker colour pieces. But the way to make it harmony is to match with items in the same colour or same tone.

Hipster loves pattern and colours! Fear not to match with print with the metallic piece and what about sneakers kick? Work in the dance floor all nite!

Hope this would help u carrying the metallic one to shine ur ass.
xx strangejoanne