See -thru the LDN young designer Simone Rocha 透視訪談 Simone Rocha

The neon yellow see-thru lace dress $12,999 (available at I.T hysan)


這週跟同年紀的Simone Rocha見面,於I.T訪談新季設計。

這女孩口說不受其父的影響,我說她還是幸得其父名時裝設計師John Rocha之庇蔭和支持,才得以上位,尤其每年英國倫敦,甚至Central St. martin都有大量的畢業生湧入市場。


The benefit of working on interview is to learn from those successful people. This week I have interviewed the young designer at my age Simone Rocha about her SS13.

The girl were saying she has never been affected by her famous dad, who is a fashion designer, John Rocha.

But I am pretty sure the support and advice from his dad is defo there which is extremely helpful to a young designer like her. Especially there are plenty of graduates in the UK, London or even the Central St. Martins.

Despite her talent is most recognized too. Even we are very critical about her transparent design such as the PVC items are not wearable. Or the bag made of acrylic is heavyily supporting by 2 leather straps only. We do believe its visibility is impossible to be ignored. See this is how she becomes so sucessful.

Thx for reading. xx strangejoanne

The gift – acrylic die-cut lace Key-charm


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