Fashionista with attitude – Tina Leung


I just had an interview of a girl for the fashionista feature of my magazine. Before it issued, I would write something about her which I know I rarely do so. But this can be the very first time that I admire a Hong Kong fashionista.

Her name is Tina Leung. I have met her quite a few times on different fashion events and occasion, mostly at Lane Crawford.  I never really have get known what she does until today’s interview. She surprised me. Not about her work but her attitude.

Waiting, tired in the morning but looking forward to meet her cos she is sort of a mystery. Reading her blog and instagram, you can tell this girl has a different taste of fashion. She makes use of colour and shape very well that suit her body figure. So how will she be wearing? I know I don’t have to worry.

Turn out she arrived with plenty of sorry. She was late for an hour this noon cos of her work.She showed up and dressed nicely in the first outfit I requested. And, with killing heels, RUNNING towards me. I was worried if she would fall.

She isn’t a model, not with a doll face, not a size zero. Unexpectedly she did it so well in 5 mins shoot with gorgeous outfits.During the time, Tina gets changed. My photographer and I have been waiting for 15 mins in between each of her change. Tired, but wanting to see her look.

She is totally a sweet girl with fashion sense that I never have such compliment on a fashion girl in Hong Kong. When we have all finished, she suggested to have McDonald’s as she is starving. Tina even had bought me a coke zero.

If you don’t have a good heart, no matter how you dress is shit. So many fashion people out there gossip around, act bitchy and behave slutty. Or they are arrogant just because they thinks they are cool wearing labels. Why would they do so? They are just empty.

I admire Tina as she is a sweet, caring girl who really works hard on her jobs. I tell myself work hard, be tough and never be mean or arrogant! 

Check out her blog you can get known more about her and her fashion life. xx strangejoanne


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