Recent life about

Haven’t been updating my blog for some time as I am just getting on a new track of work.

I feel like I am looking for myself from each job I had. Each of them may not be wut u persue for a life time as u may not enjoy and like about. But it defo for u to prepare urself for the next step. Because it wasn’t wut I am enjoying from my past position however it provided me a very first step and a stable envoironment to look up to wut I can do in the future .

It’s very much fate & destiny of how I get to the position now. Something is meant to be ready for you if you are well prepared. I’d never know I would be doing luxury handbags or shoes that I am fancy with. How dramatic is life, innit?

I m quite happy of wut I m doing now. Learn from the tough work or tough situation to let me stay stronger. It’s good that it allows me to look all over the world being more international than just sitting in the office, facing the computer, coming up with boring drawings.

I would take the opportunity to thank everyone who has been giving full support to me. The encouragement when I am dull and upset while I have lost my path and myself means soooo much to me! And the change of life I have now is those ppl securing my heart to make me having the braveness to get out of my comfort zone.

I will be out of town sometimes. Pls dun blame my disappearance cos I don’t have enough time for all or even myself (being lazy or resting). I do keep everyone in mind and love you all always. XXX


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