Obcessing the amazing item multi-way scarf as turban 情繫絕世佳品 萬用SCARF當TURBAN


I have been in different style frequencely which my friends said they sometimes don’t rekon me. However since I have been wearing the headscarves, it has became my signature and need. I will have to be proud of having them with me and give them the honor with this post.

至於出處是由中東北美西南亞的民族特色演變過來。從20年代,英印生意來往緊密,文化交流影響。Turban就成爲潮流事。70年代的hippies潮也是當時Ethinic文化。於是每逢春夏的gypsy, hippies look就少不得HEADWEAR。

The turban was came from middle east, north America and Southen West Asia. Since the 1920’s the british had close business relationship with the indian. As the crossover of the cuture, turban had came to England and it had became a fashion trend. Hippies was influenced by the ethnic culture too. That’s why the gypsy and hippies have the turban or headwear in every spring and summer.

Accessories對 outfit的重要性是常常被忽略的。港人特別漠視其無比威力。即使配襯簡單,平平無奇,加上頭巾後絕對也能吸引眼球,立刻出衆。而且它爲頭髮亂了立了是最佳出場之時,幫了我個大忙。這亦是我情系head accessories原因。
Accessories is important for style and outfit but it has always been forgotten. HongKongese don’t know how powerful it is. Even the outfit is simple or even boring, when you add on a headscarf, it can be very different and stand out of the crowd. And the best thing of it is to cover up the greasy messy hair which really has give a big hand. This is why I m in love with turban.

SS11大熱ACCESSORY是也! SS11 hottest trend

筆者自用的多是圍巾絲巾綁出來的。這樣較原隻TUrban多用途。打結、綁蝴蝶結、頭巾鄉村大姑的綁法配合各不同的造型。大多是看心情打結的。圍巾絲巾多是vintage產物,買下的都是別人捨棄的或二手vintage舗買下。除此之外,highstreet有售的圍巾圖案款色也很有vintage感。昨日香工一行,有見carriage花樣大巾,亦非常誘人,98大元其實也合理。合理在於其多用途、價錢平、收藏易。上身得、上頭得、當腰帶亦得。從此請多留意這絕世佳品! – strangejoanne

I usually have the scarves to tie as a turban which is more flexible to actually buy one. It can be tied in a knot, a ribbon or like a country girl to fit my different looks. It depends on my mood. Most of the scarves are vintage goods from friends’ unwanted or from vintage secondhand stores. Moreover, highstreet also has very nice scarves in vintage style.I have been shopping in HK industrial centre in Lai chi kok. There are lovely pattern scarves, very adorable and fair price for hkd98. Because of the multi-usage, low priced, handy for storage. It can be wore on body, head or even as a belt. From now on, look for your new scarf. -strangejoanne

It’s easy to tie a knot but hard to do turban, here’s the website for tutorial


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