Cool Pauperish Fashionista 窮也要酷


其實早前有一文有提及我的SHOPPING BEHAVIER。可是是英文版。現在我又突破自己懶惰的缺點打一下中文。
我的入貨店舖當然有超級2手店美芝。vintage是至愛,價格有上有下。當然美芝為下,而且不一定vintage。 除此之外還有草根MK,花園街,深水埗,街邊檔攤。HIGHSTREET有COTTON ON(男裝TEE是最愛)。其他的還有各大HIGHSTREET的減價。




I just can’t give up fashion (shopping) even I am such a pauper. My family isn’t rich but providing me all the best. However, this is nothing for me to spend on those luxury labels and compete with those super fashionista. Since then I MUST find my way to get myself getting the on trend special cool stuff BUT BUDGET in hand.

All my friends have been amased of my budget spender behavier. Not just on clothes and accessories but also food and travel. I’d say this a a total package of lifestyle.

Shopping behavier has been mentioned in one of my previous post in only english. And I realise I may do a Chinese version. My favourite store is MeiGee in Mong Kok. they sell second hand and vintage. An absolute thrift store. Moreover, fa yuen street girly trendy shops and sham shui Po stall are my choices too. Fot highstreet, I usually go for Cotton on which has the best tee shirts collection. And of course those sale of highstreet are my life too.

I disagree with cheap stuffs ain’t good. This is all about taste, luck and effort to look for the out standing goods. There’s no1 tacky but lazy. Whenever I rush to work without making up and dress up, I look terribly horrible.

Readers you may find me too tight. But I mean it. If you can save up money, buying statement pieces, dress up and look cool then why not? The most important is fashionista is not restricted to wear only the super labels or the hittest brand.

So from now on I will try to add more post about the new topic, sharing my budget shopping skills. That might also help you to find out your taste of life in a budget way. -strangejoanne


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