Buy up 買起 Anna Wintour

NYC-based label Ca$hmre has carried out a can of Anna Wintour. It seems to be worked whenever to put an icon onto cambell onto a tee shirt. I am sure Karl Legafeld and Lady gaga would definitely work. It has became a formula to be stand out and make the noice. So here you go, welcome to buy up Anna! Unfortunately, this is just not my can of soup. – strangejoanne

NYC-based label Ca$hmre 推出了一罐Anna Wintour。。這一條戰無不勝, 每次只要把ICON到一個 T卹的方程式為的是製造回響。我敢肯定Karl Legafeld 和 Lady gaga的肖像也絕對可行! 歡迎搶購Anna一罐!只是,這不是我那罐湯。 – strangejoanne


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