Chanel little robot- the stop motion animation

No doubt we all love chanel cosmetic (actually not just cosmetics, perheps everything) because of its valuable, classy packaging, quality of product and for sure, its logo.

These are not the selling points this time. Since we have all known how classy and glamourous chanel products are, it would be great to show some fun and creativity as this is the technologic centry. The Chanel’s Global Creative Director of Makeup Peter Philips has conceptualized this stop motion video built from a bunch of lipsticks, compacts, glosses and brushes.

The stop motion animation formed robot by the cosmetic we daily use. The idea has sucessfullly input a new image of chanel make up in our mind which definitely would attract more young customers.

I wouldn’t say this is an advertising or a campainge but a brand enhancement of double C. Fair enough of the lovely and funny movement that we have never thought of playing with our lipsticks. This can be a game among girls and shooting them by your iphone/camera. How fun innit? – strangejoanne


這些都不是這次的賣點。既然我們都知道香奈兒如何優雅而富有魅力,其全球彩妝創意總監Peter Philips 概念化地使用一堆唇膏,粉餅,唇彩和刷子來製作這定格動畫。


我不會說這是一個廣告而是可愛和有趣的事情,這個無疑是一個品牌提升的機會。我們從來沒有想到的口紅可以這樣好玩。這應能成為女孩間的小遊戲,逐格用iPhone/相機拍下來分享。多麼有趣對不? -strangejoanne

via Nowness


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